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A conditional donation campaign to provide livestock insurance to 100 pastoralists in Kenya (Marsabit region) to financially assist them in case of drought.

Expiry: Jan 1, 1970, 12 AM UTC

Thank you for providing livestock insurance to pastoralists in Kenya.

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About the campaign

  • The campaign is a joint initiative by Fortune Connect, DIVA Technologies AG, and Shamba Network aimed at providing financial assistance to pastoralists in Kenya during droughts.

    The region regularly experiences droughts due to climate change and extreme weather conditions, resulting in reduced agricultural production, destroyed crops, and significant losses in livestock. Learn more

Campaign goal

  • 100 Pastoralists in Kenya
  • $150 target cover donation for 1 livestock unit per pastoralist
  • $15’000 total cover for the campaign
  • Pastoralists in Kenya
Trigger metric
    The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a commonly used metric to assess drought conditions in an area by measuring vegetation density and health. It is calculated from satellite images based on the near-infrared and red light reflectance of an area. Its values range from -1 to 1, with higher values indicating healthier vegetation and lower values indicating drought stress.

    For this campaign, the average NDVI observed between 1st March and 31th May 2023 will be used and reported by the Shamba oracle on 11th June to ensure full data coverage of the observation period. The NDVI will be shifted by 1 for technical reasons. Learn more
Donation scenarios

The following percentages of the deposited USDT amount will be released depending on the reported metric:

  • 100% - if the trigger metric is at or below 1.200
  • 50% - if the trigger metric is at 1.215
  • 0% - if the trigger metric is at or above 1.230
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Donation Details

Icon for Trigger metric
Trigger metric1 + Average NDVI (1 Mar - 31 May 2023)
Icon for Expiry
Expiry11 June 2023, 8:00pm UTC
Icon for Reporter
ReporterShamba Network
Icon for Data source
Data sourceMODIS satellite data
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